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Social media marketing

Social Media seems like too much hype… is it that good? Let metrics Talk.

It is a fact that social media is relevant. There are many examples of success online with social media marketing, even though not many people know how to take advantage of the incredible numbers social media offers. There is no tried and proven social media marketing campaign strategy that will guarantee the extreme success of some famous viral campaigns. A social media campaign provides a better ranking in search engines and can generate a viral reaction.

At Cualli Ohtli, we have developed social media campaigns for different types of brands and products. Not all clients and services can achieve viral status as not all services and products need these kinds of social media campaigns. We know how to leverage your social presence to obtain benefits for your business every time.

Social media marketing in Canada

Cualli Ohtli’s services include:

  • Branding – Share your story with the rest of the world. Stand above the rest, and become a known and trusted brand. We create a connection between your product and the emotional response from the customer through social media. Branding makes your brand stand out from the competition and generates loyalty from your customers.
  • Product Launch – Pre-launch buzz is fantastic. Build up people’s interest before the launch of your product or brand. Then ride the wave of positive emotion to great sales.
  • Content Marketing – The internet is all about content. Social media is about content too. We’ll develop content for your blog, write updates and attract people to your brand with a healthy dose of imagery and copy.
  • Reputation Management – Every brand can get user opinions and reviews. You can either wait for people to talk about your brand (and they will) or “take the bull by the horns” and work on creating positive feedback and positive word of mouth.
  • Audience Engagement – We identify your target audience, community opinion leaders for your industry, and the best propagation channels for your brand and products. Then we develop a community and generate engagement from your audience.

We can talk all day about what we will do for you, but it is best if we meet, discuss your goals and present you with a social media marketing campaign that fits your business and your brand perfectly. Contact us to schedule a meeting.