It is what we believe. Our name, our style, our way.


Cualli Ohtli ( "quali otlee" ) is a digital marketing firm based in Guelph, Canada. Cualli Ohtli is not a sticky, easy to remember or easy to pronounce name... we are aware of that, but it reflects our beliefs and we can always market ourselves successfully, with or without a sticky, memorable name. Yes, we are that good.

So, what does Cualli Ohtli mean?

Cualli Ohtli comes from Nahuatl ("nawatl"), the language of the Aztecs, and it literally means “the right way”; it is used as a form of salutation, the full sentence is "Ma Cualli Ohtli" and it means "May you travel the right way". To us, it encompasses our core philosophies. Colloquially it may also be used to mean “good luck!”, which is always good to have (although "Cualli Tonalli" literally means "good luck", but you get the idea).

As a company, we have 3 core philosophies:

  • Excellence. To provide excellence in marketing services, always above and beyond what’s expected. It is more than a word, it is a form of life and a continuous effort on everything we do.
  • Integrity. Success and business can be synonymous of quality, responsibility and integrity. Be sure you will get the facts straight. If you like it real, we make it real by not hiding the facts from you. Your decisions depend on what you know, we believe an informed client is a better client.
  • Personality. We believe that the only way to succeed online is to be authentic. To achieve this, we work closely with our clients to find what makes them unique and use it to their advantage.

All our work is personal, direct and results based, but more importantly, we do not just do as agreed, we do everything right (whatever it takes). We do Marketing the Right Way, Cualli Ohtli.

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